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10 May
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Welcome to I candy my personal icon journal. I wanted a
place to display all of my icon work, for others to use, by just placing
them on my site, I don't know who takes what. So at least now I can try and
see what you guys like, and take by having this journal. Please read the
rules below before snagging!!!

you take any of my icons please leave a comment by saying which #(s) you
took from that entry. Sometimes I will have bases and icons for you to snag
in one entry. The Icons will have #I1. etc. the Bases will
have #B1. etc. when taking please make sure you comment with the right numbering so I know what you took,
don't leave out the B, or I or I wont know from what section you snagged it from.
2.I don't do requests
(right now) so please don't ask me to make anything for you. There are many
great icon communities you can go to for that. I will except ideas such as
"I would like to see more icons with Brad Pitt in them" or "It would be great to see some bases of Gwen from NO Doubt" etc. Just no personal request such
as "here's a pix make me an icon with such and such text"

3.When you
use my icons on your LJ (or any other journal) please credit in keywords "AbsolutNormal" or "AN"<--- I find AN to be the most that people use they
will put their own little title and put a capital AN at the end which if
fine with me :)will that's all that I ask of you, just comment and credit
and enjoy :I

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